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Service your watch

Watch Seller does far more than just sell watches. We service, repair and restore watches to brand new condition. We are here for all your watch needs, whether your watch purchase was with us or bought elsewhere. Watch servicing is well worth the effort. A little maintenance will keep your watch in ship-shape condition for decades to come. Watch Seller can service your watch at a fraction of the price and much faster than the time taken by authorised repairers. Did you know taking your watch to an authorised service centre will mean you’ll be without your watch for eight to 10 weeks! Our horologist service staff are trained to the highest industry standards – many having trained and worked with some of the top watch companies in the world including Rolex, Panerai and Breitling. We provide an expert service and best of all we will have your watch back on your wrist in perfect working order in the shortest time possible.

Repair your watch

Accidents happen or sometimes your watch simply stops performing as it should.

At Watch Seller we can repair the damage to your watch using 100 per cent genuine parts and our highly trained expert watch makers.

No job is too big or too small. Whether your watch needs a new battery, a new strap or crystal or a complete overhaul, we can help.

Watch Seller has helped clients with a full range of repairs including significant damage and watch re-builds.

From watches that are not keeping time – too fast or too slow – to serious cases of damage caused by water immersion or watches that have been dropped and smashed, we can help.

If you’re having problems with your watch, call, email or book an appointment at our Sydney watch showroom.

Restore your watch

The scratches, knocks and dents that come with everyday wear can leave your luxury watch looking far from its best.

You’d be surprised to see the difference a top quality polish can make to your valued timepiece. Watch Seller can have your watch returned to brand new, mint condition with a polish to bring back the shine.

Dings, dents and scratches can be removed and your watch restored to as good as new.

Watch Seller offers everything from top quality refinishing to total restoration provided by expert staff that will have your watch returned to you fast and looking incredible.

We offer our restoration services for all watches from modern pieces to vintage collectables.

If you have a family heirloom watch that has been sitting idle in a drawer for years but would love to see it working again – contact us.

Our experienced staff have rebuilt watches bringing old, vintage pieces that many thought would be impossible to restore – back to as good as new.

Have a modern watch in need of some TLC, contact us. Or if you have a vintage piece you’d like to bring back to life, we are here for you.